Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and those who sample our services. Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, give, or otherwise share customer financial or personal information, without your consent. Those who provide personal information to sample our products and services do so at their own risk and to any other person or organization in a manner other than that disclosed in this document.

As mentioned in this statement, we do not collect personally identifiable information through our website without our clients’ consent. If you have any questions about this statement, please contact us. In accordance with COPPA, we do not knowingly collect or distribute personal information.

The financial and personal data that Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) collects is held in the strictest confidence. Submitted information, such as e-mail addresses, billing and shipping addresses, and other contact information, will remain the exclusive property of Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) until that information passes into the hands of a third party. Our use of this information is to help us process such items as service provision, payment, and to send registration information to our customers.

Additionally, any third-party personal information submitted on your behalf by an outside party (e.g., in the case of an “email-a-friend” feature or a gift purchase) is treated the same way as primary information.


There are occasions when Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) will use a “cookie” to track the use of the website. These cookies do not collect personal information, and they are usually removed once the website is closed. The cookies record the time and date of your visit, the “referring” page that led you to our site, and the IP address your ISP assigned to your computer at the time of your visit. We use this anonymous information to improve our websites for our users.

Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) may choose to link to another website from certain parts of its website. Any content on these external sites cannot be held responsible by us. Additionally, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of those sites. We suggest that all users read any third-party website’s privacy policy before using its content or functionality extensively.

Further protecting the privacy of our customers, we restrict access to the information within the company. All personal details submitted to our website are viewable only by select employees with an absolute need to access the information – in order to better serve our customers.

Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) may request more specific information about our customers from time to time. Surveys are used and are completely voluntary. Using these surveys, we can determine who our customers are and what their needs are. By compiling this information, we can improve customer experiences.


Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) sometimes uses the personal information provided by customers to contact them with new information about our products and services. Any person contacted by us with information on services/products can request to be removed from further updates at any time.

Our goal at Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) is to treat our customers the same way we would wish to be treated. Our privacy is important to us, as well as yours. We want your experience with Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA) to be positive and safe.

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